Hi, I don’t know if anyone will read anything I write on here but since I moved away to attend drama school I’ve come to notice my love for writing. Writing about anything, my day, my past, how I feel, everything. They always said during therapy that writing things down will help me but till now I’ve always found that difficult. They wanted me to write about everything I had been feeling, not many of you know (I keep speaking like people are reading this, for all I know I might be writing to myself), what I was getting at was, for those who know me well, are aware that I’m a sufferer of anxiety and depression. I’ve been aware of my conditions for around 3 years now. To say things have got easier is a lie, straight up bull, but to say I am a better, stronger, more confident person would be the truth. Life is bloody hard, for everybody, we all go through some rough times but I think finding ways to accept what is happening/ happened to you is a huge step, and maybe this is my step? Through this blog I am hoping to be able to spill everything I feel, and maybe give others who suffer like me something to relate to, or maybe even give those who have no clue, an insight to what sufferers go through. Everything I post on here will be my own writing and one day I might write something that’ll make you cry and the next, something that’ll make you laugh, I don’t know. Its all out of impulse, I sit, I write, I be.